Improved health & wellbeing

through the understanding of Nutrition & Science.

health education northern ireland girls

- Primary Yrs 6 & 7 -

This age appropriate programme makes learning about nutrition simple, fun and interactive for the under 15′s.  This is a crucial age to catch negative habits / behaviour, before they become deep seeded or damaging, instead creating healthy, happy young adults.

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- Secondary Yrs 9 & 10 -

Focusing on nutrition and using a blend of Science, Home Economics, Physical Education and LLW, our  ”Eating Well For Life” program is suitable for a connected learning day or as a stand alone presentation on any normal school day.

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health education boys school northern ireland

- Secondary Yrs 13 & 14 -

“Raising Energy Levels For Exams” is for girls & boys preparing for one of the most pressured experiences in their early life.  We tailor our information to focus on nutritional education and good decision making, for concentration and overall wellbeing.

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Curriculum Compatibility

The content of the programme means that it is suitable for use in school on a connected learning day. However it is one and a half hours long so it could be delivered stand alone on any school day.

The programme focuses on nutrition but uses the theory of Science, Home Economics, Physical Education and LLW (personal development) to get its message across.

From the LLW scheme it provides great detail on personal development. It focuses on how pupils can best maintain excellent personal health & wellbeing, an area that is covered in years 8, 9 and 10.

Educate Weight

Educate Weight’s primary goal is to bring the nation’s health and weight management under control, not with short term “fixes” like calorie counting or rejection of food groups, but through sound knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

Becoming under or overweight causes undeniable emotional and physical strain in people’s lives and the side effects of poor eating could soon bankrupt the NHS – The situation can be changed!

This is why our aim is to instil sound nutritional knowledge at an early age so that making good choices becomes easy and instinctive for life.

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